We strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive array of accounting and tax services. We currently offer the following services.

  • Bookkeeping
    We prepare profit and loss statements to assist you in monitoring the health of your business. The information in these statements is crucial for making educated business decisions.
  • Form Filing
    We prepare state and local sales tax forms as needed for your business in order to help you comply with current sales tax regulations.
  • Tax Preparation
    We offer both corporate and partnership tax return preparation to help facilitate your compliance with federal and state income and franchise tax regulations.

    We also offer personal income tax return preparation to our business clients and their family members. (We prepare tax returns for other individuals on a limited basis depending on our availability.)

    We can amend prior-year returns as needed to correct errors or omissions.
  • Payroll Processing
    Our payroll service includes preparation and delivery of the following items:
    • Payroll checks via direct deposit;
    • Employee earning statements;
    • Quarterly 941 returns;
    • Quarterly state unemployment and withholding reports;
    • Employer and employee W-2s with accompanying Form W-3;
    • Non-employee 1099s with accompanying Form 1096;
    • Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return (Form 940);
    • Annual state withholding summary.

    Please note that we only offer payroll processing to our accounting and tax clients.